Past Life Regression

How many Past Life Regression sessions do I need?
With regards to Past life regression sessions,it is rare that people would need more than one past life regression session in a row.

I work with a two hour session, in this time people may meet approx. 2-3 lives. There is always a reason why these particular lives are shown together, as there is a thread connected with this life. This can have to do with people, relationships, patterns, unconscious or conscious memories, fears and various other things. Therefore it is important that the information/experience gets integrated, which happens partly during the session, but mostly after the session as part of our daily life.

Are there any dangers to Past Life Regression?
Personally I have not come across many dangers, apart from maybe that people get lost in doing many PLR sessions and they get out of touch with reality.

Past Life Regression is a tool that can help people expand their reality and become aware of patterns or contracts that we made beyond this life. So that we can consciously integrate this in our lives today and be more aware in the moment where it is coming from. This awareness opens us to the freedom to choose differently as the pattern or hold is understood on another level.

Risks could emerge with people who are mentally and emotionally unstable. It does not mean that they could not experience Past Life Regression, however it will need more support building up to a regression session and afterwards it needs sessions to help them make sense of the PLR experienced life and their life now.

What training and experience do I have hold Past Life Regression sessions?
I went initially on an experiential journey in my late 20ies, where I automatically regressed during a Reiki session into past lives. This lead to an in depth five year journey, learning about energy healing, spirits and regression work.

During this time I read the books of Dolores Canon (which I highly recommend if you are interested in regression work), she is a well known past life regressionist from the USA. I wanted to train with her, however at that time you had to be a fully qualified hypnotherapist. So I studied at the London College of Clinical Hypnotherapy, gained my Diploma in Hypnotherapy an then went to the US and trained with Dolores.

So, I have been practising regression for over 15 years now and one of my journeys has been to use it as an integrative tool in the present moment.

Can I record my past life regression session?
Yes, this is no problem. If you bring your phone or iPad, we will record the past life regression session.
I do however suggest that you don’t listen to the recording for the first few weeks, so just to allow the unconscious to integrate the information by itself.