Emotional Integration Process

What is the Emotional Integration Process?

Emotions are like the clouds that pass through the sky. They may temporarily obscure the Sun (our true nature) but if we don’t over identify with them, ignore them, suppress them or pretend they don’t exist – they will just come and go.

The Self (our true conscious nature) is able to let these emotions move through as they are part and parcel of the landscape of being human.
Sometimes you have a stormy day, and the next morning you wake up with sunshine.
When it is a stormy day, do you identify with the weather? or do you know that you are the Sun (which never stops radiating) and you allow the stormy clouds to pass through.
The Sun has no problem with the stormy clouds, neither does it have an issue with cumulous clouds, blizzards, electric storms, fluffy clouds or no clouds. They are all part of the weather, inevitably changing therefore passing through.
Even when it is grey for days or weeks, the sun radiates behind the grey mass.

Are our emotions complex?

I think this beautiful piece from James Schwartz’ book says it all:

“It is fashionable among the educated to imagine that our emotional problems are due to complexity, but they aren’t. We are not complex. Emotionally we are not different from children. Children make a big fuss when they don’t get what they want. The only difference between us and them lies in the fancy stories we concoct to justify our emotionality. Kids are more transparent. Our tales of hardship and woe play well with others, up to a point. The complexity argument serves to keep us in the dark concerning the absolute simplicity of our problems. When you can’t honestly look at yourself and admit that you are a big baby emotionally, that you need rationalisations or you need to blame somebody or something. That something is usually “life”. ┬áIn fact “life” is not complex and it is not going fast. Our minds are just a big mishmash of rapidly moving thoughts, and our emotions follow suit.

So, are we in charge of our emotions?