What tradition of acupuncture do I practise?

My study and practise has for over 10 years been informed by Daoist Priest, Dr. Jeffrey C. Yuen.

From a Chinese Herbal point of view, I work with formulae which have been tried and tested for over 1000’s of years in Classical Chinese Medicine and come from the oldest clinical handbook called the Shanghan Lun.
What is the difference between Classical Chinese Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM?

During the Cultural Revolution, Doctors, surgeons and mystics of Chinese medicine were persecuted and therefore the content of Classical Chinese Medicine went underground and was reduced to what we call nowadays TCM, Traditional Chinese Medicine. This was largely to do with the fact that the Chinese did want something simplified which could be presented to the West.

Unfortunately this meant that the whole spiritual, alchemical, mystical, emotional, psychological including channel theories were omitted from this ancient philosophical tradition which is Classical Chinese Medicine.

It left a skeleton of knowledge which did not fully stick together. The focus was more on what points empirically had proven to relief certain symptoms. For example: LI4 commands the face and therefore it often relieves headaches.

As much as empirical points are part of Classical Chinese Medicine, it has really nothing to do with how we as clinicians treat. The strength of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs is in the relationship of points or herbs that are used in a treatment which treats the whole individual.

Jeffrey Yuen, who comes from an oral tradition, has been instrumental to bring back the hidden and lost parts of Classical Chinese medicine back into the 20th century so that we as practitioners of Classical Chinese Medicine can benefit again from a whole source of knowledge.

How does acupuncture work?
Acupuncture is an ancient system going back thousands of years.
Each client is individually diagnosed, because each person has their own unique story and how they come to experience dis-ease in their life.

Chinese medicine helps to move qi through the channels where energy (qi) may have obstructed or blocked itself. Very much like a river, when it flows smoothly there are no issues.
If it has been hot for a prolonged period of time and the river banks are starting to dry out, this has consequences for the plants and wildlife in the direct surroundings of the river.
In the case of the body it will have consequences to our organs, our fluids (we are after all 80% water), blood and spirit.
The Chinese medicine practitioner will help us see what factors of life are contributing to this drying out process so that we can make necessary changes to our lifestyle, diet, state of mind and how we perceive things. At the same time acupuncture and herbs can help bring back moisture or establish a more healthy climate in the body so that the body can start holding on to moisture/blood again. To then help the river gain it’s flow back again.

How did I come to study Acupuncture
I sat in the Coffee Republic in Richmond one fine Sunday Morning and one of my guides told me to consider studying acupuncture. I was quite surprised to say the least. I had heard about acupuncture and that it helped people, but it was not something that I ever had to consider, because my general health had always been ok.

I decided to give one of the TCM shops in Queensway a go, to inquire and experience if it had any health benefits for me personally. At the same time I also went for treatments in the student clinic at the London College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (LCTA) to see how acupuncture would work on mental emotional issues, as this had been my interest for over 20 years.

This is where I was given a CD with teachings of Jeffrey Yuen, I listened to it, and it made total sense to me. Eventhough I had not learned herbs or had to look up where the acupuncture points were, the philosophical components of mind, body, spirit, the visible and invisible world and how they influence each other from a Chinese medicine perspective made total sense and I was sold. It was like my soul heard truth.